19th October 2016

Introducing Us

Are you looking for support for your computer network? Are your computer systems and servers a cause for concern? Does the internet or e-mail cost your company time and money? Are you considering upgrading from older Microsoft’s operating systems to Windows 10 (or even, perish the thought, 7 or 8!)?

When you are looking for IT support we think it’s important to ask yourself why you are in business. If the honest answer to that question is to make money then you will understand why Information and the Technology that delivers it is a double edged sword. On one hand it gives your staff access to information but on the other it is open to misuse and can harm your productivity.

Traditional IT companies will sell you a support package that covers your desktop and laptop computers, your servers and your network infrastructure. Is that helping your business to increase it’s profit and provide you with a better standard of living?

Networking Support Services does just that, we support your business information network, but what makes us different is we don’t get carried away with technology. With over fifteen years of experience in supporting business networks we know what works and what doesn’t.

We want to know all about your business. Who does what, where your information comes in and how that is then used to deliver your product or services to the market place. When we understand how your business operates we can show you how your IT can used more effectively to increase your profits.

It’s only when we understand why we use IT that can we use it effectively.

Based in Peterborough we can provide server and desktop support throughout the UK for your computer network. Call us free on 01733 302055